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Micro Instruments & Control Systems

Auto Cane Feed Control System

Auto Cane Feed Control System

PLC/DCS based Auto Cane Feed Control System-Conventional Type is an star product of MICRO INSTRUMENTS & CONTROL SYSTEM specifically to be used by sugar industries to achieve the targeted performance & smooth Running of the mill by continuous monitoring & maintaining the uniform feed of fibered cane to the mill and avoid any overloading of the devices in cane preparatory system.

This is an most ideal & economical system which allows flexibility of application and over all effeteness

Salient features :

  • Substantial improvement in crush rate.
  • Damage due to choking/jamming at can preparatory device & 1st mill is totally eliminated.
  • Fluctuating demand of steam pressure due to irregular feed to the uniform cane feed predetermined rate result in optimum primary extraction.
  • By substantial reduction of wear & tear, the down time reduces automatically and thus productivity improves.
  • IIf eliminates the necessary of buffer resistors in cutter motors.

Specifications :

  • Power supply : 230 volts A. C. / 50Hz
  • Power Fuse : 1.5 Amps.
  • Digital Display : 3 -1/2 digits
  • Level display : LED type
  • Over load indication : 24 - volt Lamp display.
  • Facility : Set RPM and over load by counter dial.
  • Field cable Connected with main unit.
  • Control module : Connected with male & female connector.


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Salient Feature’s OF P.L.C. Based Mill house automation (A.C.F.C./Milling control/Imbibition Control) :
  • Current, graph & trends on P.C.
  • Historical graph & trends for one month.
  • Alarms for any electrical signals.
  • Data Set facility for operator.
  • Engineer’s parameter set facility on P.C. through password.
  • Frequent control action to control the process.
  • Complete mill mimic diagram and plant control parameter display on P.C.
  • Any required change parameter set by Engineer facility on P.C.
  • Power saving and cane preparatory equipment 0.5 %.
  • No break down due to elimination of overloading.
  • Any increased life of cane preparatory equipment.
  • Saving on maintenance cost & time of cane carrier, DC drives and preparatory equipments.
  • Smooth running of the mills avoiding extreme load/hunting of DC drive.
  • To avoid tripping / overloading of drive/motors.
  • Maximum extraction shall be achieved.
  • Avoid mill slippage.

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