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Micro Instruments & Control Systems

Details of PLC-DCS

The HC900 Controller is:
  • a hybrid loop and logic controller for stand alone or partitioned unit processes.
  • a superior PID loop controller with standard auto-tuning, fuzzy logic and advanced operability.
  • a setpoint programmer controller with integrated logic.
  • a sequence

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  • CPU processing speed :160ns /Step
  • Max. 480 I/Ocontrol (with 64-point I/O:soon to be released)
  • Max. 10K Step program capacity
  • Expanded application with floating point arithmetic

    Built in function : P/D Control
    • Max.16 Loop control

    • Convevinient monitoring

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    Modular and Scalable

    Master Logic PLCs are modular and scalable, rack-based PLCs. The PLC can be either stand-alone or distributed with peer-to-peer connections. The CPUs, power supplies, rack sizes all come in various models to choose the best fit to a particular application.

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    Plant Cruise C-300

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