Micro Instruments & Control Systems

Mill Overload System

The Mill Overload System is a device to be connected with A.C.F.C. for regulating the MILL LOAD & CARRIER SPEED and it�s objective to achieve the following :

  • Constant load shall be maintained on 1st mill.
  • Maximum extraction shall be achieved.
  • Smooth crushing and proper feeding shall be achieved.
  • Boiler efficiency shall be improved.
  • Extreme loading / Hunting of turbine shall be eliminated.
  • Chest pressure range can be set from the operator control console.


  • Chest pressure of mill turbine.
  • Chute level sensing (optional).

Though the 1st mill overload system work in accordance with A.C.F.C. But in case need arises it warranted for ONE-YEAR trouble free warranty Including free replacement of parts.