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Micro Instruments & Control Systems

Quality Control

We realize, as do you, that if structured properly, working environment prepared with your special requirements in mind and by a firm, such as ours, that is not just interested in your financial statements, but also in your growth potential and the nature of your business, will keep you in a profit making positions firmer and faster than any alternate financial arrangement. With renowned & specialized experts of MICS you are ensured of the expected delivery of the services with quality & perfection. FROM OUR QUALITY CONSCIOUS MARKETING LINES
  • All Type of Ph, Brix & Conductivity Monitoring Systems.
  • All Type of Pneumatic Controls Valves.
  • Temperature Sensor and Indicating Systems.
  • All Type Process Indicators.
  • Ultrasonic Sensors for Level & Flow Measurement.
  • Flow Measurement Transmitters.
  • Pressure and D.P. Transmitters.
  • All Type Magnetic Flow Meters.
  • Single & Multiple Loop PID Controllers.
  • Orifice Assembly.
  • All Type of Transducers and Recorders.
  • Honey well make, PLC/DCS with SCADA system.
  • Honeywell Make Plc with Scada & Data Panel
  • Forbes Marshal Make Magnetic Flow Meters
  • Honeywell Make DCS
THE BACK GROUND M/s Micro Inst. & Controls Systems Company is a Young Professional Company Started By Experienced Engineers of Process Automation and Process Control with Considerable Experience in Multinationals and Proved Manufacturing and Installations Capabilities. STATE OF ART All Our Product are Designed Keeping in Mind the End User Requirements, Ease of Operation, Consistent, Reliability, Serviceability and Maintainability with Continuous Up gradation of Technology Equipments are Aesthetically Design to Suit Indian Circum Stances of Rough Use Environment and Limited Skilled Man Power, Our Continuous Efforts to Lower Overheads have Enabled Us to Moderately Price the Equipments Providing High Performance to Price Ratio.