Micro Instruments & Control Systems

Sugar Plant Automation

We are equipped with years of experience in making sugar Mill Automation on turnkey basis with help of Honeywell make PLC/DCS and Field Instruments for the various clients. Our highly technical staff is the main source of power behind our every successful endeavor. We provide All type of Automation for Sugar Plant Automation or Refinery processing plants with excellent services and with affordable prices.

Automation systems for sugar plant
  • Auto Cane Feed Control System (DCS/PLC/CONVENTIONAL)
  • Milling Control System (DCS/PLC/CONVENTIONAL)
  • Mill Over load Control System (DCS/PLC/CONVENTIONAL)
  • Mill D. Chute Flapper Control (DCS/PLC).
  • Imbibition Control System (DCS/PLC/).
  • Differential Pressure Control System (DCS/PLC/).
  • Automation of PAN Feed Control System (DCS/PLC/).
  • Boiler Automation Control System (DCS/PLC/).
  • Auto Lime Dosing System (DCS/PLC/).

Features :
  • Temperature Indicator.
  • Roller Lift Indicator (Digital).
  • System Flow Meter cum Totalizer.
  • Water Flow Meter With Totalizer.
  • Juice Flow Stabilization System (DCS/PLC/).
  • Automation of P.R.D Station (DCS/PLC/).
  • Automation of De-Super Heating System.
  • Automation of Molasses receiving Tank (PLC/DCS based Three Loop Control System)
  • Condensate Water Conductivity Control System.
  • Mill House Bearing Temp. Indicating System.
  • Centrifugal Machine Automation (DCS/PLC).

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Mill Overload System

The Mill Overload System is a device to be connected with A.C.F.C. for regulating the MILL LOAD & CARRIER SPEED and it�s objective to achieve the following :

  • Constant load shall be maintained on 1st mill.
  • Maximum extraction shall be achieved.
  • Smooth crushing and proper

Auto Cane Feed Control System

PLC/DCS based Auto Cane Feed Control System-Conventional Type is an star product of MICRO INSTRUMENTS & CONTROL SYSTEM specifically to be used by sugar industries to achieve the targeted performance & smooth Running of the mill by continuous monitoring & maintaining the uniform feed of fibered cane to the mill and


Automation of Centrifugal Machine

This is a known fact that the role of Centrifugal Automation in the process of sugar manufacturing is very vital. As the whole production process depends mainly on the quality of crystal produced by the centrifugal machine, along with that the quantity of sugar produced with respect to the mas-chute is also very


Imbibition Control System
We are a Manufacturer & Exporter of Imbibition Control System.

Salient Features
  • Improves Mill Extraction.
  • Regular quantity of imbibition water even under varying condition of cane type.
  • Eliminates dry milling condition.
  • Checks wasteful addition of water during poor feeding.
  • Control &

Juice Flow Stabilization
Salient Features
  • Their controls the uniform juice flow and set level of juice tank by feed back signal to ACFC system (Mill House).
  • It provides uniform and stabilized juice flow to process to ensure uniform juice heating.
  • It maintains PH almost constant sulphited juice.
  • It improves juice clarification

Milling Control System(Turbine/DC Drive Speed Control)

Milling control system(Turbine/DC Drive Speed Control) is basically designed for controlling and achievement of the followings:

  • Enhance the juice-extraction.
  • Optimize moisture and bagasse pol.
  • Avoid overloading of the mill motor under varying cane feed and the quality of